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Web Design and Development

eCloudSys is reputed to help its customers attain a professional web presence that is designed exclusively for them. Our approach is to create a web site that is efficient, looks good and most importantly, is naturally search engine friendly. Our custom designs will not only improve your company’s image, but give you the tools to market your services more efficiently. Our services include: website designing with content management system, Interactive Flash development, Logo and Branding.

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eCloud-POS 1.0

What is eCloud-POS?

eCloud-Pos 1.0 provides retail business owners to manage his/her sales process quickly and efficiently. It just takes few minutes to set up eCloud-Pos in your PC- so you can start from today. It is easy to use and will cover your ultimate retail business processes. Moreover if you just have internet connection in your PC, Laptop or mobile, you can manage your retail business from anywhere, at anytime without any IT headache.

  • Speed up your sales
  • Give your business a professional look
  • Giving opportunity to concentrate on business expansion not on business process.
  • Manage your stock in simplest and quickest way
  • Manage your daily accounts
  • Analyze sales and stock data to take future decision for your business
  • Access to your business from remote location, if needed.
  • Ensures maximum transparency amongst the employees
  • Easy to use Sales window that will quicken the sales process and minimize mistakes made by the employees.
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eCloud-POS 1.0

What is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)?

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural approach for building distributed systems that deliver application functionality as loosely coupled services. The use of SOA has been moved from the laboratory level to enterprises level in order to seamlessly integrate disparate applications and create a common platform for carrying out mission critical business processes for the enterprises. The large enterprises are looking at SOA to maximize their returns by reducing complexity and cost of change and improving the leverage & reuse of assets within and outside the enterprise. The panelists agree that SOA holds the key to enabling organizations to get more from their IT investments as well as increasing their focus on leveraging and monitoring their business processes to effectively support business goals.

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